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Major Uses Of Industrial Hemp

Industrial hemp has many great uses as it is easy to work with when producing different products. Some of the major uses of industrial hemp include: making clothes, being used as a food source, as a source of pulp for paper, as a building material, plastic production. Here are some major uses of industrial hemp:

  1. Making Clothes

Hemp has been used to make clothes for a long period of time. It is mixed with silk to make lingerie and also provides materials for jeans, shoes, and other tough sports clothing. Hemp is good for making clothes as it is versatile and because it is durable. Besides, using hemp to make clothes is good for the environment as it benefits the environment in many ways.

  1. As a Food Source

A third of the weight of hemp seed is from hemp oil which is nutritious and contains essential fatty acids. Besides, the seed contains protein and is rich in calcium and iron, and has more omega-3 than walnuts. Hemp protein powder provides greener and more sustainable plant protein.

All these make industrial hemp a good supplementary diet. These seeds can also be made into a liquid and used for beverages like tisanes and hemp seed milk or baking. Hemp seed milk is good for those who do not respond well to dairy.

  1. To Manufacture Paper

Hemp has been used in papermaking for very many centuries but it only accounts for only 0.05% of global paper production. While hemp is a sustainable and renewable source of pulp for making paper, the small number and old age of the equipment used to process the paper have made hemp paper costlier than wood pulp.

4. Hemp is A Good Building Material

Hemp is used for insulation. In fact, it insulated better than any other materials used for insulation as it is flexible and can be adjusted to different shapes and sizes. Hemp can also be used to make engineered building products such as pressboards and fiberboard. It can also be used to make a lighter but stronger and more eco-friendly version of concrete known as hempcrete.

Hemp is a great building construction material because of its breathability, mold resistance, and light weightiness. The good thing about using hemp as a building material is that it is an environmentally friendly material and has become increasingly popular in green building construction.

5. Hemp Is Used to Make Plastics

Hemp makes good plastics as such plastics are durable as they are strong. Nowadays, hemp is used to make things like CD&DVD cases, speaker systems, guitar picks, 3D printer filaments, and various other products. Hemp plastics are biodegradable making them environmentally friendly and a good alternative to regular plastic.

  1. Can Be Used to Make Biofuel

Like any other vegetable oil, hemp oil can be processed into biodiesel. Hemp can be used to make fuels that are chemically identical to diesel or petroleum gasoline. Hemp-based fuels are cost-efficient and eco-friendly and this makes it good fuel.

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